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French at Stockton Heath Primary School

Katie Gallop

Subject Leader: Mrs Gallop

We aim to deliver a robust primary languages curriculum which engages all children and builds on progress in vocabulary, grammar and phonics, whilst immersing children in another culture. The core skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing lie at the heart of children’s language learning.  Children will be enabled to make substantial progress in one language and are encouraged to actively make links with phonics, vocabulary and grammar in English. 

All children at Key Stage 2 have the opportunity to learn French for four years with weekly 30-minute lessons. Stockton Heath Primary School belongs to the Primary Languages Network and languages provision is delivered following their comprehensive scheme of work; this scheme of work is current and is being continually adapted and updated. A wide range of teaching strategies are used to maximise children’s experiences and develop their linguistic skills including: songs/rhymes, drama, role play, story-telling, poetry, games, dictionary work, grammar and creative tasks. Children are encouraged to be ‘language detectives’.  

Progression in MFL

Progression in French is mapped out against our Areas of Learning; these can be found below to show the progression from EYFS to Y6.


Please find below the Subject on a Page document and our Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement.

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